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CPR flowcharts updated

29 November, 2022

Flowcharts regarding COVID-19 management have been updated for CPR preparedness and CPR delivery in clinical and care settings, and for basic life support in the community.

These updates incorporate the most recent recommendations from the Infection Control Expert Group (ICEG), and are focused primarily on simplification of the message regarding differences to the previously accepted standard practice. Some of these changes reflect the changed circumstances since the original flowcharts were created, when the population was not vaccinated, and appropriate PPE was sometimes scarce.

Key changes include the following:

  • The cardiopulmonary resuscitation guidance for healthcare settings now refers to care of ‘people’ (ie.including children) rather than just ‘adults’, and now refers to both ‘suspected or confirmed COVID-19’ rather than just ‘confirmed COVID-19’.
  • Only preferred PPE recommendations are stipulated for first responders in a clinical or care setting, and reference to minimum requirements have been deleted.
  • The existing preferred PPE recommendation for first responders remains (P2/N95 respirator, eye protection and gloves), although the use of a gown is now recommended according to local guidelines.
  • Negative pressure rooms are no longer described as the most appropriate location for ongoing resuscitation, as they can be spatially restrictive and potentially hinder resuscitation under some circumstances.
  • Adaptations to airway interventions have been removed, and replaced with a recommendation that standard resuscitation protocols should be adhered to.
  • The reference to managed quarantine settings has been removed.
  • Masks are no longer mentioned for further lowering the risk of acquiring COVID-19 in the basic life support setting.

View the updated CPR flowcharts here.