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New Cochrane review weighs up the evidence on public health communication & Covid-19: what worked, what didn’t & why

17 January, 2024
Image of former Victorian premier Dan Andrews presenting at a COVID-19 press conference

While funding for our COVID Taskforce ended last year, we still like to keep an eye on the latest research. ALEC Communications Director Shauna Hurley was also keen to contribute to the growing COVID evidence base, co-authoring a recently published Cochrane review that explores the different approaches governments and health authorities around the world used to communicate critical public health information throughout the pandemic.

Last month Shauna and Dr Rebecca Ryan, Head of La Trobe University’s Centre for Health Communication and Participation, submitted the review along with five key recommendations to the Australian Government’s Inquiry into the National COVID Response.

Here, they share a snapshot of the review findings and evidence-based recommendations for current and future public health crisis messaging with Cochrane Australia news.

Read about the review…