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Policymaker research invitation – join our global research study on using living evidence in policy

09 April, 2024

Continually updated, credible evidence synthesis, known as ‘living evidence syntheses’ can be valuable for policy decisions. However their value to policymakers has not been optimised. 

Monash University and the World Health Organization (WHO), in cooperation with the Pan-African Collective for Evidence, McMaster University, and National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, are conducting a research study about living evidence and its use in health policy decision-making. 

What are the requirements to participate in this study? 

We are seeking interest from individual government policymakers, knowledge advisors or intermediaries who have used or observed use of living evidence synthesis products to develop health policy. 

What is involved?

If you wish to participate, we will invite you to join a 30 minute telephone or zoom research interview and/or a 1 hour online roundtable discussion with global policymakers and knowledge intermediaries. 

For more information on the study, please read our explanatory statement

If you fit the above criteria and consent to participate in an interview please fill out the form below:

Global research study about living evidence and its use in health policy decision-making