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Seeking consumers and carers with lived experience of COVID-19

24 February, 2021

Share your lived experiences of COVID-19 and contribute to the national guidelines

The Taskforce welcomes people who have been affected by COVID-19 to join the Consumer Panel. 

The Consumer Panel is a collaboration between the Taskforce and Consumer Health Forum of Australia (CHF).

We are looking for a diverse range of people with lived experience of COVID-19. We are seeking, and respect, a diverse range of panel members – who are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, culturally and linguistically diverse, of all genders, who are of diverse gender identities, sexes and sexualities, who have a disability, ongoing medical or mental health condition and who are socially or economically disadvantaged.

Who can apply?  

You can apply if you: 

  • Have experienced COVID-19, OR have been a carer of someone with COVID-19, OR you have experience with living guidelines
  • Are available to attend consumer panel meetings via videoconference/ online until 30 June 2021
  • Are able to communicate well with others in meetings
  • Would like to contribute to the living clinical guidelines (evidence-based clinical COVID-19 guidelines) that are used by clinicians when treating COVID-19 patients
  • Are willing to contribute your time and energy to working with the Taskforce (6-8 panel meetings plus approximately 1-2 hours of pre reading per meeting).

People with a wide range of experiences and backgrounds will be considered.

Each application will be assessed against the above selection criteria.

What does the consumer panel do?

The Consumer Panel will contribute to the values and preferences in the living guidelines (that is high-priority, evidence-based clinical COVID-19 guidelines updated with the latest research). 

You do not need to have experience and skills in clinical guidelines to be a valuable member of the panel. We will work to empower our Consumer Panel members to actively contribute by providing a safe, accessible and fair environment. 

Click here for our Consumer Panel frequently asked questions.

For further information, contact: 

Jane Henty
Program Manager
National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce
℅ Samantha Timms, Secretariat, [email protected]

How to apply

Submit the online application below by 5pm Monday 8th March.