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Taskforce amends remarks for Tocilizumab in response to critical shortage

05 August, 2021

This week the Taskforce was alerted by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) to a global tocilizumab shortage for both COVID-19 treatment use and other indications. To help support the TGA’s efforts to conserve supply, the Taskforce has revised the remarks section of the tocilizumab for adults recommendation to reflect:

  • the second dose of tocilizumab be considered in light of availability; and
  • in patients who are receiving supplemental oxygen, but who are not mechanically ventilated, baricitinib should be considered as an alternative unless contraindicated.

For the recommendations for pregnant or breastfeeding women, and for children or adolescents, the amendment relates only to consideration of the second dose.

The Taskforce emphasises that there are no changes to the strength or direction of the recommendations.

For further information view the full recommendation and remarks for the tocilizumab recommendations and refer to the TGA statement.