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Taskforce updates post-COVID-19 flowchart

08 September, 2022

The National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce has published an updated flowchart for care of people after COVID-19. The new version applies to adults, adolescents and children with signs and symptoms that continue or develop, after acute COVID-19. 

Key changes reflect:

  • Definitions of ‘acute COVID-19’ and ‘Post-COVID-19 condition/syndrome’ have been added
  • Recommendations on symptom-based testing have been provided. These include use of blood tests, exercise tolerance test, chest X-ray and other further testing based on usual clinical indications for presenting symptoms
  • The escalation of care section has been updated with additional red flag symptoms and signs

The Taskforce Primary and Chronic Care Panel is currently working on consensus recommendations to further guide treatment of post-COVID-19 syndrome/condition and will be published in a future update of the guidelines.