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Update to recommendations for adults with mild COVID-19

21 July, 2022

To reflect changing language from ATAGI and to remove confusion among clinicians about what ‘up-to-date’ with vaccination means, the Taskforce has replaced this terminology across all relevant adult recommendations.

Vaccination status has been removed from the recommendation wording. Clinicians are now encouraged to make treatment decisions based on an overall assessment of the likelihood of progression to severe disease, based on age and other risk factors, including whether an individual has received a COVID vaccine dose, or had a SARS-CoV-2 infection, in the last 3–6 months.

Updated adult recommendations to reflect the change in ‘up-to-date’ terminology include:

Changes to these recommendations have also been reflected in our decision tools and flowcharts.

Our special population panels are currently reviewing this change in vaccine terminology and relevant recommendations will be updated in a future version of the guidelines.