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Guiding ALEC’s future steps: A look at the incredible people involved with our Strategic Advisory Committee

28 February, 2024

ALEC’s new Strategic Advisory Committee marks an exciting chapter for the collaboration. We’re incredibly grateful to have such a stellar group of experts involved to help steer our course in the months and years ahead. 

After their first meeting on February 26, we take a moment to celebrate the incredible opportunity for ALEC to have such talented people onboard as valuable resources to our work. 

ALEC’s Academic Director, Professor Tari Turner, is thrilled to have 13 Committee members, all of whom are experts in their respective specialities. 

‘I’m so excited and delighted by the calibre of the people on ALEC’s new Strategic Advisory Committee, and feel very privileged that we have access to their wisdom and experience to guide ALEC’s next steps,’ she said. 

In September 2023, we moved from a consortium to a collaboration to convey ALEC’s purpose of multidisciplinary collaboration involving clinicians, consumers, researchers, methodologists and the support of over 60 member organisations. 

The Strategic Advisory Committee reflects our collaborative focus with leadership and governance experience across consumer advocacy, evidence synthesis, community engagement, pharmaceuticals, trauma research, physiotherapy, stroke treatment, midwifery, primary care, and more. 

‘As multidisciplinary collaboration is at the forefront of our work at ALEC, it’s essential to maintain that consistency on every level of our organisation, but particularly for a Committee that is driving our vision over the next few years.

‘With Sharon McGowan as our Chair, I believe this group will provide excellent strategic guidance to the ALEC Executive team on how best to achieve ALEC’s mission.’

As an organisation committed to upholding a world-class standard in living evidence syntheses and clinical guideline development, the contributions of the Committee reinforces our future plans to normalise living evidence as a single source of trustworthy truth for clinicians and consumers across Australia. 

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